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Fields of employment for graduates

Professional practice in the field of spatial planning and regional development is becoming increasingly international in its approach, whether due to global issues, cross-border projects, regional developments in border regions, the Europeanisation of planning in general, the growing significance of European funding programmes for local and regional development or projects abroad.

Consequently, graduates are predestined to develop their own special profile in the professional and academic field of spatial planning and territorial development, gaining access to labour markets, leading and shaping complex, unforeseeable working and learning contexts, and assuming responsibility for projects and teams. The European labour market increasingly represents a new positioning field, which is why students on the master's programme will qualify for the following professional fields:

  • Positions with regional and local planning authorities, national and European authorities in the Member States, associations, municipalities and companies (e.g. planning/advisory agencies) that have an international outlook (e.g. in funding consultancy and allocation, cross-border planning and development)
  • Positions with European planning and development agencies
  • University and non-university research and development in the European context


In this wide range of employment prospects, each student has the opportunity to qualify for a job that suits his or her particular preferences and objectives. The mandatory stay abroad in the 3rd Semester give all students the additional chance to network and explore work conditions in another European country.

The career service of the Leibniz University Hannover helps students with finding internships, gives career advice and can offer tips and guidance when applying for jobs.